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To honor the second subpoena-ee, Scott DeMuth, we have changed this webpage to and will be updating over there from now on. Please update your links accordingly, and come visit us over at Support Carrie and Scott! Thanks!

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Scott’s Trial Postponed and Other Updates and Events

In this update:

1. Scott’s trial postponed and other info from court today
2. April 16: “The Green Scare: Targeting Environmental and Animal Rights Activism” at CUNY
3. April 22: “A Talk on Resistance and Repression: A Benefit for Legal Defense” in Chicago
4. April 24: Art auction in Minneapolis


1. Scott’s trial postponed and other info from court today

This morning, at the Federal Courthouse in Davenport, IA, Scott DeMuth and his defense team met for what was supposed to be a final pre-trial conference before an early May trial date. Citing his own unpreparedness as the primary motivation, Assistant US Attorney Cronk filed a motion to push back the trial date at least until early June and perhaps into July. Magistrate Judge Shields approved the continuance to an as-yet-unspecified date even though Scott’s previous request for a continuance had been denied as “unrealistic.”

The delay is clearly another of the State’s stalling tactics and is indicative of the fact that the case against Scott is unwinnable. Having bought extra time, Cronk is continuing his search to find a brain for his straw-man case.

Twenty-five supporters, including members of SCSC and locals from the greater Quad Cities area, rallied outside the Courthouse and packed the courtroom. Among the supporters was recently released grand jury resister Carrie Feldman.

Even though Scott now has more time before his trial, he is still facing a tremendous bill for his legal defense. Fundraising is needed now more than ever, and any help we can get with this would be greatly appreciated. People can donate online at or send a check or money order made out to Coldsnap Legal Collective with “EWOK!” in the subject line to Coldsnap Legal Collective, P.O. Box 50514, Minneapolis, MN 55404. No cash to spare? No problem! Host a fundraiser and help raise money as well as awareness for what Scott is facing!

2. April 16: “The Green Scare: Targeting Environmental and Animal Rights Activism” at CUNY

* When: Friday, April 16th, 4:15pm
* Where: The Graduate Center, City University of New York, 365 Fifth Avenue, Room 9204/9205
* Free and open to the public (with state issued ID for building access).

This event will explore the emerging use of the category of “eco-terrorism” to criminalize the work of environmental justice and animal rights activists, as well as its significance for academic research. Panelists will discuss the impacts of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) on civil rights and liberties; how the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act and other laws have been used to quell animal rights litigation; and the case of Scott DeMuth, a University of Minnesota graduate student currently facing conspiracy charges under AETA for his research on the animal rights movement.

The event is part of the Third Annual Conference on “Rightist” Movements, this year focused on the production of “new enemies” in the name of security and the national interest in the post-September 11 context. A reception will follow.

Panelists include:
-Will Potter, Independent Journalist,
-Raphi Rechitsky and Meghan Krausch, University of Minnesota, Scholars for
Academic Justice,
-Odette Wilkens, Executive Director, Equal Justice Alliance,
-Delcianna Winders, Animal Rights Attorney and Law Instructor

Moderated by Professor Michael Blim,
Ph.D. Program in Anthropology, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Co-sponsored by:
The Center for the Humanities, The Graduate Center, CUNY;
The Center for Place, Culture & Politics, The Graduate Center, CUNY;
Ph.D. Program in Anthropology, The Graduate Center, CUNY

3. April 22: “A Talk on Resistance and Repression: A Benefit for Legal Defense” in Chicago

* When: Thursday, April 22, 6-9pm
* Where: Biblioteca Popular, 1921 South Blue Island Ave, Chicago

With special guests:
– Luce Guillen-Givins, Rob Czernik and Garrett Fitzgerald of the RNC 8
– Recently released grand jury resister Carrie Feldman
– Paul Muller, former Marine and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War who went AWOL in order to avoid deployment

The evening will feature a discussion on governmental attempts to criminalize protest, organizing and dissent, and the communities that are resisting it. The talk will focus on three current cases against organizers and activists:

* The RNC 8 are 8 anarchists who organized against the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota in 2008. As a result of this organizing, they were arrested prior to the protests and charged with Conspiracy to Riot and Conspiracy to Commit Property Damage. They will be tried together in a trial scheduled for October 2010.

* Carrie Feldman and Scott DeMuth were subpoenaed to a federal grand jury in Iowa investigating an animal rights action. As a result of their political convictions, they refused to testify, which resulted in Carrie being jailed for four months and Scott being charged with “Conspiracy to Commit Animal Enterprise Terrorism,” which is set to go to trial in May.

* Marc Hall is an Army Specialist who expressed opposition to being redeployed to Iraq and wrote a political hip-hop song protesting the Army’s Stop-Loss policy, which the military deemed a “threat.” As a result, he was arrested and is currently being held awaiting a US Court Martial in Iraq.

Suggested donations $5-20, with all funds raised split between Friends of the RNC 8, the Scott & Carrie Support Committee and Friends and Family of Marc Hall.

For more information on the legal cases, visit:

4. April 24: “Supporting Earth Warriors through Art” in Minneapolis

* When: Saturday, April 24th, 2010, 6PM to 10PM (auction starts at 6 PM and ends at 9 PM)
* Where: Purity Bakery Building Art Gallery, 36th Ave and 5th St, Minneapolis

We will be having an Art Exhibition and Auction to help support our comrades Carrie Feldman and Scott DeMuth, two Minneapolis activists who were unjustly taken hostage by the state in November 2009, and Eric McDavid, who has been imprisoned since 2006 and is currently facing almost 20 years in prison for a crime that never happened.

For more information on Eric’s case and ways to support him, please visit:

Help be part of the creative resistance against state repression and send questions and/or the following details to

-Contact information
-Starting bid on the auction item
-A description of the piece you are donating
-When the item can be picked up or dropped off

*Any items being dropped off or mailed can be sent to this address:
Explosive Expressions Mpls. c/o Leigh
1909 Elliot Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55405